Palliative Care and a dose of love to the elderly.

Palliative Care is a multi-disciplinary medical approach that envisages the improvement of the quality of life for the patient and their relatives, fostering the prevention and relief from suffering. To do this, early identification of pain is essential, as well as assessments and impeccable treatment, besides addressing other physical, psychological and spiritual problems. Due to the importance of this humanizing practice, in 2003, São Judas Tadeu Hospital became an exclusive unit dedicated to patients in palliative care.

Guided by the principle of the quality of life and humanization in patient care, the patient’s companion/caregiver stays over full time, interacting with the team, other patients and other relatives. The service has extended visiting hours (from 12pm to 8pm), which allows for a better follow-up by the family. There are social and recreational activities, like breakfast for the patients, companions and the team, in order to socialize and help them feel at home. In addition, there are also bingo games, days out in Parque do Peão and “pesqueiros” (places for fishing), amongst other activities.

In order to guarantee a holistic and individualized approach to the care of patients and relatives, the unit counts on a multi-professional team composed of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists, pharmacists, phonoaudiologists, occupational therapists, musical therapists, social assistants, spiritual assistants and volunteers of the Association of Volunteers in the Fight Against Cancer (AVCC). Thus, the patient is valued as a whole human being, and not just as a patient with cancer.