Now in brazil and first in the Americas

The Training Institute in minimally Invasive Techniques and Robotic Surgery (IRCAD) was founded in 1994 at the Strasbourg University Hospital in France by doctor and professor Jacques Marescaux. The project was initially set up with the main purpose of focusing on the prevention of digestive cancer, improving the early diagnosis of the disease and implementing new therapeutic strategies. With the success of its courses and with the advance of technology, the project extended its limits: in 2008, IRCAD Taiwan was opened, the second unit of the project in Asia.

Due to the quality of assistance and its activities in the area of learning and research, Barretos Cancer Hospital formed a solid partnership with IRCAD France to house IRCAD Latin America, the third worldwide unit of the project and the only one on the American continent.

To assist this demand of the project, AMITS was set up. – American Institute of Telesurgery, institute responsible for providing training in minimally invasive surgeries at IRCAD Latin America in specialties related to the digestive, colorectal, urologic, bariatric, gynecological, pediatric, endoscopic (N.O.T.E.S. and Interventional GI Endoscopy), arthroscopic and neurological areas.

The center is equipped with 23 experimental stations with two participants for each station, all connected to interactive multimedia training systems. It also has an amphitheater for 130 people and two rooms with a capacity for 47 participants. Of all the vacancies available for each type of course, 30% are offered free-of-charge to doctors of public and state hospitals in Brazil.