The heart of our struggle

In the 1960s, the only hospital specialized in cancer treatment was in the capital of the State of São Paulo. This was an obstacle for patients who suffered from the disease in the small São Judas Tadeu Hospital in Barretos, being mostly low-income pensioners and those with a high level of illiteracy. They were people who suffered from a lack of resources, fear of large cities and the uncertainty of a vacancy in the hospital.

On November 27, 1967, Pio XII Foundation was established, which according to memorandum 234 of May 21, 1968 signed by Dr. Décio Pacheco Pedroso, director of INPS, now accepted patients with cancer.

Due to the huge demand of patients and the fact that the old and small hospital could not keep up with the growth, Dr. Paulo Prata, creator and founder, received a donation from an area in the outskirts of the city and proposed the construction of a new hospital that could meet the ever-increasing needs.
In 1988, Henrique Prata, son of the couple who founded the hospital, embraced his father’s idea and with the help of the farmers of the city and the region, carried out another part of the project. The Antenor Duarte Villela Pavilion where the ambulatory of the new hospital operates was opened on December 6, 1991.

Continuing the project, which has managed to advance with the help of the community, celebrities, businesses and the financial participation from the government, other areas of the hospital are being built to assist patients with cancer who come to us through the Brazilian Public Health System (SUS).