Increasing our chance

The prevention work began in 1994 in order to improve the early diagnosis of cancer in the region because most of the cases arriving at the hospital, mainly those related to breast and cervical cancer, were already in an advanced stage. The strategy adopted cosisted of women actively seeking to do preventive exams at home or in nearby places. The hospital would go to these women's homes on the outskirts of Barretos to do the preventive cervical exams.

The results were positive: of the total women diagnosed with cancer, 80% of the cases were in the initial stage, the period of the disease in which the chance of recovery is 90%.

With the success, the project grew, gained an elaborate style of organization and expanded not only in Barretos, but in the regions of the country, becoming a pioneer in the prevention of the cancer in Latin America Currently, Barretos Cancer Hospital has both mobile units(equipped bus and trucks) and permanent units throughout Brazil.

The mobile units can track breast, cervical, prostate and skin cancer through population preventive exams. In the case of skin cancer, besides the exams, the patients can be treated in the mobile unit equipped with a complete surgical center to carry out ambulatory surgeries.

Prevention Units

The hospital also has prevention institutes in some regions of the country. These units were opened thanks to existing partnerships. The preventive exams performed were those of the breast, cervix, skin, mouth and rectum. They are situeded in Juazeiro (BA), Barretos (SP), Fernandópolis (SP), Campinas (SP), Campo Grande (MS), Nova Andradina (MS), Porto Velho (RO) and Ji-Paraná (RO).

Unit of Truck Customization

The Unit of Truck Customization for the Early Diagnosis of Cancer is a partnership between Lamboo Mobile Medical - a Dutch multinational company specialized in engineering and the construction of mobile units and health solutions - and Barretos Cancer Hospital. The objective is to develop mobile solutions for health, such as the mobile units for preventions exams and clinical and radiological prevention, besides mobile medical and dental practices and units for collecting blood.